Gardening services we offer include everything you need for a beautiful, modern and unique courtyard - from inspection of the site, preparation of the project, selection of plants suitable for field installation of irrigation system, grass through grass mix or laying sod, planting decorative tree and shrub species and fruit trees, flowering and making floral arrangements, arrangement of rock corner or rockery to make the original pattern of plochopatekite, driveways, pavements and stone arrangement of the garden architectural elements. The package of our services includes the design and construction of irrigation systems and maintenance of yards, gardens and other green spaces. We work with high quality plant and building materials checked introduced tree and shrub species.

Land construction

Our team of professionals will take special care of any plant or any architectural element of garden equipment in the yard and find its most appropriate place.

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To maintain the beauty of the garden- it need constant maintenance. It includes regular mowing grass, pruning and trimming of decorative trees, shrub groups, hedges, roses, weeding and other care during the growing vegetation.

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Landscape design

Preparation of an individual landscape project with all the necessary documents to him. Any customer's request will be carried forward on the projects and green areas.

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Initial cleaning

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Interior landscaping

Plant cultivation in the home is just one way to introduce diversity. Interior landscaping is not only arranging potted plants, it`s also to achieve their proper and optimal disposition.

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Agricultural advice

Very often in the yard we are growing fruit trees and vegetables. They also need special care, including fertilizing, spraying against pests and diseases and pruning for optimum fruiting.

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Plant protection

The emergence of nibbled leaves, twigs or dried stains needles never pleasant surprise. Most often, these symptoms are caused by fungal or viral diseases, insects or parasites. To prevent them need professional advice.

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Irrigation systems

The irrigation system will save you time and effort. "Litarski" Ltd. will offer you the most optimal for your garden irrigation individual design with quality materials

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